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I can’t do a cartwheel

When we are kids, we sould see something and think “I can do that!” It didn’t matter if it was cartwheels or going to the moon or even flying. Nothing was out of our reach. Nothing was impossible.

Once we grow up, it’s like a switch gets thrown. It’s easier to come up with excuses to not try things rather than try and fail. It’s easier to take the safe road than to make a fool of yourself or do something that might hurt later. It’s easier to dream small than admit we’re scared, or to take a chance and realize we can’t do a cartwheel, we might never go to the moon, and if we tried to fly, we just might look like an idiot.

That’s no way to live. It’s ok to be scared, but it’s not ok to let the fear of failure stop us from trying something that just might be spectacular.


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A new lease on life

I’ve been so obsessed with the same idea for so long that I’ve had a hard time understanding why no one believes in it as much as I do. Maybe it’s just not good enough or fresh enough or maybe I’m not trying hard enough.

Or maybe…. just maybe…. I’ve been on the wrong track for the past few years.

I’m stubborn to a fault. Set in my ways. But even I can learn, and grown, and change – so why can’t my characters? I’ve been looking for a fresh spin, and tonight, I think I’ve found it. It will take a whole lot of hard work and more than just a major edit or even a re-write. We’re talking a full on overhaul. These are characters and plot lines that I love and believe in, and while I could just rip them up and start all over, I think that I can breathe new life into them and maybe, if I’m very lucky, the whole world will someday love them as much as I do.


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