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A Hurricane is Coming

I love writing supernatural thrillers and urban fantasy. It’s fun. It’s scary. It’s dark. There’s something exciting about writing and reading about things that scare me, and creating characters that are out there in the dark fighting the good fight. Elle York is more than my favorite character to write, she’s my imaginary friend.

But she’s not the only voice that’s trapped in my head, begging to come out and play in the real world. That’s why I decided to let Arly Briggs out. Unlike Elle, she doesn’t fight monsters. She doesn’t exist in the secretive shadowy corners of the world. She lives in the spotlight in her very own series of cozy mysteries.

I know what you’re thinking – Urban Fantasy and Cozy Mysteries are about as far apart in genre as you can be without writing smut by night and children’s illustrated books by day. And it is different. Challenging. New rules to learn (and break).

The Hurricane Arly books are light and fun, and written in first person. But they aren’t all doilies and lace. Each book, like me, has a dark side. Drugs. Cheating partners. Identity Theft. Jealousy.

And of course, murder.

Lots, and lots of murder.

So hang on to something, Hurricane Arly is headed your way!


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