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Free Time is Overrated

About a month ago, I was inspired to write a new trilogy after a fabulous day spent in a quaint town right out of a cozy mystery novel on an exhausting pilgrimage to attend a favorite author’s Q&A and book signing with some amazing friends.

I’ve been slowly scribbling notes (I use color coded note cards, longhand btw – it’s great for outlining and capturing scenes or characters or important plot points) ever since then, but I’ve been trying to keep it on the back burner because hours in the day, yadda yadda yadda.

Yesterday, I had a huge breakthrough. I now know the name of my adorable fictional town, and the name of the series – which of course ended up adding colorful piles of new note cards to the stack.

I *cannot* afford to start a new project right now – but when I dreamed about the town last night I realized I’m just going to have to make time.

Sleep is for the faint of heart!


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Bad blogger, no biscuit

I’ve not been blogging, but I’ve been writing. And writing. And writing.

Since my last post, I’ve written four full length novels in the Hurricane Arly series, and started a new series with Maddie the Finder, currently at two books with the next one knocking at the door. To make matters worse? better? I’ve got a great idea for a three-parter, the first of which is mostly outlined already.

Updated my website today to include Maddie and lo and behold, poor Elle starts screaming at me that she wants attention too! First child syndrome, I guess.

Need more hours in the day. Want to write more.

Need to start to think about putting these books out in the world beyond my trusty critique group. Should I look for an agent or go the self-pub route? At the rate I write (and then agonize over edits forever!), I tend to finish a book and jump into the next project immediately – I need someone pinging me to let my books out into the wild and let others enjoy them too!

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